Hedgerow Pottery Identity Expansion

logo mocked up on paper products

The Problem

Client only had one small resolution file for her logo.

User issues:

  • Small png file that is great for web, but not signage or scaling larger
  • Color contrast makes the image inaccessible for many users with vision issues
  • Descriptive text/tagline in the logo isn’t needed.

Original logo file.

Original logo for Hedgerow Pottery

The Solution

Create a new logo and identity system.

  • Allow users to explore their opportunities by filtering to see a smaller set of options.
  • Mobile friendly first, then allow for larger screen expansion
  • Keep it concise for assisted technology to minimize the number of options to tab or read through.

My Roles

  • Graphic Design


  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Style Guide

The client received official colors, fonts noted in case they need to update in the future, and multiple versions of the logo.

Additionally, all my design clients receive a pdf helper with information about file types and when to use each one. View File Format (Google Doc).

color palette and logos

Hedgerow Pottery Apparel

Hedgerow logo on t-shirts
hedgerow client and son wearing branded shirt
hedgerow client wearing branded shirt

Exterior Signage

With the new logo, the client could send a proper file to the sign maker for large 4-foot exterior signs. The previous file they had would have printed out very pixelated and blurry at this size.

Exterior view of building with logo signage