• Program Explorer – Concept to Delivery to Enhancements, WebCon 2023
    ACES implemented a new Drupal content type – the Program Explorer. Get a complete project walk-through including requirements, design, development, user testing of categories, online testing, analysis, and refinements. All angles of the project will be referenced including design, UX, UI, accessibility, development, testing, and more. View the slidedeck website.
  • Digital Design & Accessibility, Friday morning Caffeine Break, IT and communication members across campus
    Learn how to incorporate accessible design into your creative workflow. We will cover color contrast, font sizes, content hierarchy, images, text on images, alt text, and mobile and keyboard access. We’ll go over examples and provide cheat sheets that content creators and graphic designers can use. View the slidedeck website.
  • Digital Accessibility, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication students in 3 undergraduate classes in the College of ACES
  • “How Did They Do That?” Under the Hood with Illinois-Themed Websites, ITProForum Fall 2022
    Did you know Bevier Cafe’s menu runs on Or that the College of Education’s Study Abroad browser uses the Illinois Theme to present data pulled from GitHub? Join members of the Web Implementation Guidelines Group for a look under the hood of some of the coolest interfaces built with Illinois Theme components – and learn how the pieces work together so you can easily build similar interfaces for your sites. View recording.
  • Campus Drupal Website Framework, ITProForum Spring 2021
    The Web Implementation Guidelines Group has been working on several efforts to make building websites on campus easier for everyone. Drupal is a popular CMS on campus and now it’s easier to use than ever. Come learn how to use this easy-to-deploy, campus-branded Drupal solution and what features it brings. Also, learn how you can become a part of this cross-collage collaboration and what we are doing to create and maintain this tool. View recording.
  • Cross-Unit Collaborations — When things just have to get done, ITProForum Spring 2021
    There are many great committees and groups on campus that have been formed with formal charters and pre-negotiated deliverables. However, sometimes you need to bring people together quickly to work on a problem and create a solution. The Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG) is a group that was formed completely organically and has now helped release a consistent website design template with implementations in several CMS across the campus. Hear how this collaboration came about, how it has been successful, what lessons you can learn from our experience and how you can become a part of our work. View recording.
  • Illinois Drupal Framework: Coming Together to Create Powerful Websites, IT ProForum Fall 2020
    The colleges of ACES and LAS have been using Drupal to power our websites for many years. We’ve pooled our experience to create a system that can be deployed to any hosting solution (including campus cPanel), supports the new campus brand standards out of the box, and is built with customization and expansion in mind. Find out what it can do, how you can begin taking advantage of it, and how to become a part of the community that will expand its functionality in the into the future. View recording.