ACES Program Explorer


close up of cards in the program explorer

The Problem

Rapidly increasing number of majors, degrees, and certificates

A basic list worked well for a while, but as more are added, the list was getting too long.

User issues:

  • decision paralysis – too many options to choose from
  • no way to filter or sort by type or topic
  • user has to expand each item to read a short description
  • UX testing showed users needed more info to sort through prospective majors or certificates
  • Learn more buttons take you off the main website creating confusion

Previous Solution:

screengrab of previous layout and design for aces section of majors with a long list

The Solution

Create a new Drupal content type that users can filter, sort, and explore all of the options ACES has to offer.

ACES Program Explorer show on 4 screens of various sizes of devices

My Roles

  • Project Management
  • UI Design
  • WCAG Compliance
  • User Experience Design and Research
  • Testing


14 weeks


Drupal content type


  • Adobe XD
  • Slack
  • Drupal
  • Optimal Workshops Testing

Target Audience

Prospective students and parents


  • Drupal developer
  • Content strategist
  • UX Lunch Club members
Multiple screens on phones showing parts and pieces of the program explorer



Use internal classification for courses or more user-friendly descriptions?

Solution: The jury is still out.


Topic Areas

Narrowing and finding the right topics to use for our vast array of majors and certificates proved interesting.

Solution: User testing with optimal workshop software


Program Topics:

  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Business, Economics, Policy and Law
  • Data and Technology
  • Food Systems
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Leadership, Communication and Education
  • People, Communities, and Families
  • Plants and Crops
  • Sustainability and Environmental Sciences

Editing and Sorting Cards

Quick INFO

Solution: XYZ


Printed single agronomy card and handwritten notes on a desk
Printed single agronomy card and handwritten notes and a postit note on a desk
Printed version of major cards laid out on conference table ready to be edited

Extend content type to multiple views

No need to duplicate content and editing time.

Solution: Create multiple views using the same data.